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WXYD Capital was founded to actually help cannabis businesses get access to funding capital. Our selling point in this industry is: we close deals!

Too many times in this industry, lenders and brokers promise loans/equity to their clients, only to hear 3 months later that the funders decided to not fund because "it's cannabis."

We vet all our lenders to make sure our clients don't waste their time, wishing and hoping for funds that might never come. 

We’ve combined the deep experience in commercial financing and private lending with our expertise in alternative industries to become a proven source of cannabis financing with a track record. We use our existing relationships and referral business partners to find the funding you need to operate or expand your business.

Because of our longstanding reputation with our lenders, we are able to fund even the more complicated deals that most other lenders would not touch. Contact us to learn how we can help fund your business.


Meet our Founder:
Paul Vancea

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Paul moved from Romania to San Diego at 14 years old, and he later graduated from Brandeis University, Magna Cum Laude with a triple major in economics, business and film.

Paul started his career as a corporate financial analyst for a $7B telecommunications company in Massachusetts and subsequently worked in the Boston tech industry, where he helped create several Fintech startups and an investment fund, raising millions of dollars. 

A few years later, Paul moved to Denver, CO to join a cannabis publicly traded company, where he led the finance and accounting departments. Once in the industry, Paul learned about the lack of access to capital and financial infrastructure in the cannabis industry, and saw an opportunity to use his finance skills and network of financial institutions and private funders to help build the cannabis financial services ecosystem. 

The Cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the nation, with the least access to capital and financial infrastructure. This needs to change.

Paul created WXYD Capital to work with current and future Cannabis lenders and financial services providers to bring as much capital as possible into the cannabis industry, through both education and facilitating deals.

Paul's goal with WXYD Capital is to help develop the cannabis financial services industry so that it can allow producers and retailers provide consumers access to cannabis in the most efficient ways possible. 

Paul is also a Board Member and Head of Publications Committee for the Financial Policy Council in NYC, and serves on the Banking and Financial Services Committee with the National Cannabis Industry Association.